Friday, March 15, 2013

Proverbs 31 woman? Me?

The beautiful sunrise this morning

I love the branches of creosote bushes!
In a photography book I read recently, it said that to be a photographer you have to get up earlier than everyone and miss a lot of dinners. I laughed, because it is so true! That is because the best light is at dawn and in the hours leading up to and including sunset. I found that out on my own, because that is how I live. Very rarely do I get up after it is light out and I am gone at dinner because of my daughter's dance classes, so I have free time during those "golden hours" to take pictures.
Prickly, but beautiful

This morning was no exception. I took my daughter to school at 6:30 (I know, waaay too early!) and then thought the sunrise might be fun to capture, so I headed into the desert for a shoot. I was not disappointed. Forty-five minutes later, I headed home to check out what I got.

I feel like the Proverbs 31 woman, getting up before dawn, but instead of preparing breakfast for my household, I am out working my camera and enjoying the beautiful morning God made. In case you weren't up that early, enjoy some of the fruits of my labor - a virtual 'breakfast' of beauty.