Saturday, March 16, 2013


Clouds from yesterday evening - so different!
See the moon?
I have been running a fever of over 100 degrees F since Wednesday night. I have been keeping it at bay with drugs, and my only other symptom is a moderately sore throat, some laryngitis, and then tonight a nagging cough that won't let me sleep. Lucky me! Hence, the writing of this installment at 3:30 in the morning. I had some pictures that I took yesterday that I hadn't gone through. Yes, I know... what am I doing taking pictures when I don't feel well? I justify it by telling myself that I've never seen clouds like that before. And actually last night, the clouds were on the unique side. I think the cold front coming in had some cold air up high that was turning the moist air into little bits of cloud. The official name is altocumulus clouds, and we don't see them up here very often. So I wanted to get some pictures of them.

The beginnings of a sunset
I was good. I didn't even walk to the end of the street. I drove. I did this because yesterday morning when I got all the great sunrise pictures, I did more walking around, and paid for it with an aggravated sore throat from breathing the cool air.

Sunrise 03-15-13

When I edited those pictures, I totally missed some that were really great, so I will share some of those too.


Who needs paint?
What am I learning about photography? You have to take the opportunities when you can get them. Even if you don't feel all that great, just do it. It is actually worth it. I'm glad I made myself get out there.

One of my many walking trails

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