Friday, April 5, 2013


The mountains from the Tehachapi Loop
This past week has been an annoying one from a photography standpoint. I thought on Monday that I would try to get over to Bear Mountain to find some wildflowers.
But by the time I was almost there, the sun was mostly gone, so I decided to stop at the Tehachapi Loop to see what that was all about.

The Loop
I drove 3 miles on this little road to the marker for the Loop, but the view was very disappointing and not at all what I was hoping for.

Old oak tree

I took a few pictures there, the mountains, the oak trees, the railroad tracks, but all that driving was not really worth it.

Fast forward to Wednesday, when I decided to go wildflower hunting. I drove quite a bit for just a few pictures of the few poppies that have made it this year. It was another bust from my standpoint, even though I did get some really nice pictures out of it.

So Thursday, while my daughter was in dance, I wanted to try again for some pictures. I headed east in Palmdale, instead of west, and just before the sun was setting, found a good location on a hill with some nice Joshua trees, cactus, and other vegetation. The sunset was wonderful - the best we have had since I got my new camera. I was so happy! It was so relaxing to watch the sky go from gold to orange to red to gray. I played around with the settings on my camera - closing down the aperture to get sun rays and playing with shutter speed as well. I ended up with some really great pictures! I shared some on FB, but there are some other great ones that I will include here.


My take-away from this week is that I just have to keep getting new ideas to try and then do them. Some will fail and some will succeed. Yesterday I tried to put together a business card on-line, but right before I was done something happened and I lost everything. I stopped because I was frustrated, but I know I need to do that, so I'm sure I will try, try again.
(Make sure to click on the pictures to see them bigger - it is worth it!)
Also, you can use one for your background on your computer if you would like - just do not crop off my watermark.

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