Thursday, April 4, 2013

Poppy Paucity (like my alliteration?)

California poppies
View on the side of the road
So, I went on a wildflower hunt to the south yesterday. I tried Elizabeth Lake first, since I had heard good things about it. It was a total loss. There were a couple of flowers along the road but nothing significant. So I headed out towards the Poppy Reserve. I did have some success with roadside poppies. There were a few low places along the road with annuals and some areas with perennials, but all the fields were brown and dry. 
Perennial poppies

Using ingenuity and  practically lying on my belly on the side of the road (I'm sure I looked quite interesting to the drivers going by), I got some shots that made it look like there was a decent amount of flowers. No majestic fields of orange, however! Just some close-ups. Plus you would not believe the number of flowers just overwhelmed with bugs. They must be starving!

So many bugs!

In the evening, I was in Mojave. Anyone who knows me, knows that I take way too many pictures of the windmills up there. Today was no exception. There is something about the juxtaposition of the windmills with the joshua trees and mountains that intrigues me. It was a good way to end the day!

I am also including a picture of my favorite abandoned chicken farm just for fun. I passed by it on my excursion today.

I just want to remind everyone that any of the pictures on my blog or FB page are available for ordering. You can e-mail or message me for pricing.

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